Certificate in Caring for Dogs Package


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Whether you are aspiring to enter the dog care industry, you already work in a canine related business or you’re simply a responsible dog owner; this course will provide you with essential knowledge to succeed in these areas.

Throughout the duration of your course, you will learn vital skills regarding dog nutrition, exercise, hygiene and preventive health care. Through this, you will gain valuable knowledge of common diseases in dogs, learn the characteristics of different dog breeds and understand how this may affect pet suitability.

Become a skilled dog owner, improve your ability to work within the volunteer field and gain important skills to work in any dog-related industry. With expert tutors guiding you every step of the way, a Certificate in Caring for Dogs will help you kickstart your future, so you can provide your friends with the best care possible.


With our course in Caring for Dogs, you will learn everything from the psychology of dogs to dog health. Get puppy ready and learn from senior industry professionals who have helped develop our courses, meaning you’ll have the inside secrets on how the right way to care for dogs.


With our training and certification, set yourself apart from other candidates when applying for roles or display within your own business to provide confidence in your abilities as a value adding professional. 


With SpotED’s support and guidance from our tutors, you will receive regular feedback and develop skills that are directly relevant to job outcomes in your chosen field.


Introduction to Dog Care

Throughout this subject you will learn the daily needs of a dog and explain the nature of the dog industry. You will compare local dog care facilities and justify essential considerations when buying a dog.


Canine Biology

This subject will focus on the anatomy of dogs. You will learn key insights about the skeletal system, the internal organs as well as the external anatomy and thermoregulation.


Dog Health – Part 1

After this class you will be able to distinguish defining characteristics of dogs and explain their evolving nutritional requirements. You will also be taught some common health issues that affect a dog’s health.


Dog Health – Part 2

This continuation of dog health will provide you with information on preventative treatment for dogs and describe some of the typical ailments and disorders affecting dogs along with the best treatments.


Exploring Dog Breeds

The seven main breeds of dogs will be defined as classified by the Kennel Club of Great Britain. From this you will distinguish the different characteristics across these breeds and other various dog breed types. The long history of various popular cross-breeds will also be discussed in class. 


Dog Breeding

This subject will run you through the relevant factors of dog breeding including the male and female dog reproductive systems. The stages of dog pregnancy and birth will be explored along with the stages of puppy development. The subject will also summarise the importance of legislation and licensing in association with dog breeding


Dog Behaviour and Training

This subject will focus on the main considerations in the science of animal behaviour. Different methods of dog training and their importance will be examined in the context of basic commands. You will be asked to apply your knowledge and prepare a plan for setting up and operating a dog training or dog behavioural consultancy business.


Grooming Dogs

This class will be exploring the 3 major types of dog hair and the basic requirements in grooming dogs. You will learn how to use and apply the correct tools and equipment for each of a dog’s body parts and describe the traits of a successful professional Dog Groomer


Other Dog Services

The different health and training services for dogs will be explained in this subject. You will also gain the knowledge of significant roles in veterinary clinics. You will discuss the importance of work that Professional Dog Handler services provide.


 Career Enhancement Modules:

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This course is suitable for people working in, or aspiring to work in:

  • Pet Shop staff member
  • Animal trainer
  • Groomer
  • Veterinary assistant
  • Breeder
  • Handler
  • Dog care volunteer
  • Animal carer
  • Guide dog trainer