Certificate in Business Management Package


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All courses come inclusive with bonus modules.

+ Marketing Career Enhancement Module
From Personal Branding to LinkedIn Marketing, learn how to effectively market yourself as a job seeker, advertise your business and network in your desired industry. We offer a wide variety of options so you can make the most out of your SpotED course.

+ Administration and Accounting Career Enhancement Module
If you want to stand out as a job candidate, become a more versatile and valuable employee, or simply learn how to manage your finances for your business our Xero or Myob accounting modules will help you enhance your skills within this area.

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Plan for success – we’ll show you how to run your small business!
With a Certificate in Business Management you will learn vital, industry-relevant skills around accounting and bookkeeping, the creation and management of a general ledger, GST and income tax and legislation and employment law.

With guidance from expert tutors, you will learn how to develop a business plan and set up the right business structure. You’ll also gain an understanding of financial reporting and taxation requirements, grasp the principles of marketing and social media and understand the assistance available to support your small business.

With a Certificate in Business Management, you’ll learn all of the skills that you need to run a business like a pro.


With our course in Business Management, you could fast track your career potential in under 140 hours, and do so, at your own pace. 


Interact with and learn from senior industry professionals who have helped develop our courses, meaning you’ll have the inside secrets on how to become a pro.


With our training and certification, set yourself apart from other candidates when applying for roles or display within your own business to provide confidence in your abilities as a value adding professional. 


With SpotED’s support and guidance from our tutors, you will receive regular feedback and develop skills that are directly relevant to job outcomes in your chosen field.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Fundamentals

This subject will focus on the function and purpose of accounting. You will learn how to identify external and internal uses of accounting information and key principles in accounting practices.


Financial Statements

In this unit you will learn the purpose of Profit and Loss Statements, how to prepare journal entries for inventory and the process of completing a Balance Sheet for a company. The subject will include definitions on important accounting terms and how to distinguish between the four expense categories.


Understanding GST

This subject will be based on the importance of GST and when it is required. You will be taught how to recognise the major principles of GST and calculate the tax required on goods and services. You will also learn how to complete a basic BAS return.


Fundamentals of Income Tax

The fundamentals of tax explains the difference between business types and how tax affects businesses. In this subject you will learn how to prepare a basic tax return for an individual and a company following the correct steps and guidelines.


Understanding Key Australian Business Legislation

This subject explores the importance of Australian Business Legislation and complying with the requirements of the relevant business legislation. You will also learn what needs to be considered when hiring new employees to a business


Fundamentals of Payroll

In this module you will learn the importance of payroll security. You will be required to identify the key employee declaration forms and when each is to be completed. The National Employee Standards (NES) and Modern Awards will be explored and their relation to wage payments.


Marketing and Social Media

It is important for modern businesses to have an understanding of marketing and social media to grow. In this subject you will distinguish between marketing and sales and discuss methods used for target marketing. We will discuss the four core elements of the marketing mix and apply them to existing products


Budgeting, Forecasting and Cash Flow Management

This subject analyses the importance of budgeting and forecasting. You will learn how to prepare a budget and understand how to compare results and variances. 


Financial Statement Analysis

This unit will explore the purpose of financial statement analysis and how to define horizontal analysis. The four main categories of ratios will be shown and you will learn how to study financial statements using ratio analysis.


Accounting with Xero

This module will give you a good understanding of Xero accounting software and its use in business management. You will become skilled in converting source documents into bills and applying payment methods.



Accounting with MYOB Essentials

In this unit you will learn how to identify the functions you can perform in the MYOB software. The subject will give you a well-rounded knowledge on cloud computing and how to set up bank feeds. The class will be asked to prepare statements, locate sales history and prepare customer payments.



Career Enhancement Modules:

Speak to one of our Course Advisors for further information on additional career enhancing short courses that can improve your employment outcomes and future goals.


This course is suitable for people working in, or aspiring to work in:

  • Business Owner
  • Bookkeeper
  • Administrative manager
  • Retail manager
  • Project manager
  • Payroll officer
  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Manager