Certificate in Animal Health Care Package


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A Certificate in Animal Health Care will provide you with the relevant skills and knowledge to expand your future goals. Whether you’re wanting to upskill, looking for a career with animals or simply love animals and want to provide them with the best care possible, this course will have you career-ready in no time.

With this Certificate in Animal Health Care you will gain expert knowledge in managing and caring for a wide range of animals from dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, rodents and fish. Throughout the course, you will learn vital skills such as identifying common signs of ill health, examining the biology and structure of animals, and understanding the fundamental theories behind training and handling companion animals. Through this, you will be able to develop a broader awareness of the health issues of domestic pets and apply these skills accordingly.

You can learn at your own pace online with help from industry professionals who will guide you every step of the way.


With our course in Animal Healthcare, you could fast track your career potential in under 100 hours, and do so, at your own pace. 


Interact with and learn from senior industry professionals who have helped develop our courses, meaning you’ll have the inside secrets on how to become a pro.


With our training and certification, set yourself apart from other candidates when applying for roles or display within your own business to provide confidence in your abilities as a value adding professional. 


With SpotED’s support and guidance from our tutors, you will receive regular feedback and develop skills that are directly relevant to job outcomes in your chosen field.


Introduction to Animal Care

This subject will guide you through the basics of animal care. You will learn the standard animal care terminology, key aspects of animal care occupations, the five freedoms of animal welfare and the relevant animal control laws.


Anatomy and Physiology

Through this unit you will learn the terms and concepts around the anatomy and physiology of the body. You will compare the anatomical similarities and differences between species and catagorise structures based on the biological level of organisation in the body.


Husbandry of Dogs

In this subject you will learn how to determine the dietary requirements for dogs and create preventative health care plans. You will also make appropriate exercises and environmental management plans for dogs and learn the grooming requirements they require. 


Husbandry of Other Species

In this subject you will design appropriate diets for a variety of pets. You will learn how to describe the hygiene and grooming requirements of a variety of different species and how to create an appropriate preventative health care plan including vaccinations, parasite control and de-sexing.


Common Diseases of Dogs

This unit will focus on the main groups of microorganisms which cause infectious diseases. You will be trained in recognising the signs of illness in a dog and how to explain the key aspects of a range of common canine diseases and how to determine the most likely diagnosis when given a set of symptoms.


Common Diseases of Other Species

This subject will outline how to recognise the signs of illness in a variety of species. You will learn the key aspects of a range of common animal diseases and the most likely diagnosis when given a set of symptoms


First Aid, Accidents and Emergencies

Through this subject you will describe suitable responses to animal first-aid situations and identify signs of an emergency situation in a pet. You will also gain the skills needed to explain how to prevent animal accidents and emergencies from occurring


Handling and Safety

In this subject you will become readily able to explain how to safely handle a range of companion animals in different situations. You will become familiar with how to avoid and deal with cat and dog fights.


Health Care of Pets

This subject will give you an understanding in how and why veterinarians will take a history and do a physical examination on pets. You will learn how to take the vital signs of animals and what the readings imply. You will become familiar with the procedure taken before and after surgeries and be able to summarise common surgical procedures of common animals


Training and Behaviour

In this unit the body language of dogs and cats will be analysed. You will discuss the importance of socialisation in pets and describe how basic training principles can be applied to train an animal


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This course is suitable for people working in, or aspiring to work in:

  • Pet Shop staff member
  • Animal Trainer
  • Groomer
  • Vet Assistant
  • Breeder
  • Conservationist