Certificate in Animal Behaviour


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Learn about animal psychology: conditioning, innate behaviour and survival. A course that will provide an introduction to working with pets, livestock, wildlife or managing your own animals.

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Understanding pet behaviour makes life much easier, not only for the pet themselves but also for pet owners and anyone who works or deals with pets; from breeders and pet shop staff, through to animal welfare officers, trainers and groomers.

This course provides you with an understanding of animals and what causes them to act the way they do. With this understanding you have a very sound foundation for dealing with animals in any situation.


Fast track your career potential and knowledge in the field of animal studies, and do so at your own pace.


Interact with and learn from senior professionals in the animal care industry who have helped develop the course, meaning you’ll have the inside secrets on how to become a pro.


With our training and certification, set yourself apart from other candidates when applying for roles or display within your own business to provide clients confidence in your abilities


Our courses are revised and updated in response to feedback from every student who graduates, allowing for constant improvement and course satisfaction.


  • Introduction: Influences and Motivation
  • Genetics and Behaviour
  • Animal Perception and Behaviour
  • Behaviour and the Environment
  • Social Behaviour
  • Instinct and Learning
  • Handling Animals
  • Behavioural Problems


  • Pet Shop Attendant
  • Animal Behaviour Consultant
  • Animal Trainer
  • Breeder
  • Animal Groomer
  • Vet Assistant