Certificate in Adolescent Psychological Development Package


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With a Certificate in Adolescent Psychology Development you will learn the difficulties faced for adolescents and their mental health. This course will help you recognise important signs displayed in adolescence and develop your skills in handling distressed teenagers in a variety of practical situations.

You will examine the life changes each person must navigate on their journey to adulthood and understand the transitions and crises faced by young people. This course will help guide you to become a more effective parent, teacher or youth worker.


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Introduction – Theories of Human Development

In this subject you will be training in defining theories of human development. We will focus on the two fundamental theories and explain their key details. 


Life Crises

This unit will elaborate on the term “life crisis” in the context of adolescence and explain what puberty entails on a social and physical level in the human body. We will also investigate problems that are common through the stages of puberty and analyse behavioural problems that occur from attachment difficulties.


Physical Development

This subject will define what puberty is and describe the physical and emotional effects hormones have in both boys and girls during this time. We will also discuss the effect certain factors can have on the onset of puberty.


Intellectual Development

Key behaviour changes in adolescents and cognitive development will be discussed in relation to elements of Piaget’s stage of Formal Operations throughout this subject. You will learn how to identify the key steps of the information processing approach and the higher-order thought process. We will study the Nine C’s of Decision Making and recognise the definition of intelligence and how it is measured. There will be discussion on how to deal with bullying and why school problems occur.


Emotional Development

This subject focuses on Freud’s five stages of development and defining the various defence mechanisms typical in adolescence. You will learn how to identify emotional problems in teensgers and how this affects the body physically and psychologically. We will describe the influence of parents and family and discuss the effect grief can have on developing teenagers.


Sexuality in Adolescence 

This unit will distinguish between gender identity and sex role identity. Through this subject you will be able to recognise causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of gender identity disorders. We will discuss the key terms of sexual orientation and recognise the challenges LGBT teenagers face as well as the best method for discussing sex with a teenager. 


Social Development

This subject discusses the influence that parents and family have on the social development of an adolescent and the changes that may come. You will learn to identify the influence peers have on social development and analyse the ways in which teenagers try to attain group acceptance or popularity. We will study the impact of shyness and loneliness and discuss why adolescent’s date.


Moral Development

In this unit the stages in Piaget’s and Kohlberg’s theories on moral development will be studied and compared. You will argue the effectiveness of these theories and the factors that influence an adolescent’s moral development.


Adolescents and the Transition to Adulthood

This subject will summarise Erikson’s latter stages of development to identify key terminologies associated with the development into adulthood. You will be urged to explain the theories on vocational development and the influential factors on career choice. You will also learn how to describe the transition into adulthood in your culture


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This course is suitable for people working in, or aspiring to work in:

  • Youth work
  • Child & adolescent counselling
  • Child psychology
  • Child care
  • Schools